Helping Out

At Christ Central we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus at work in Workington and the surrounding area.

We aim to lend a hand and reach out both to people in the immediate area and those in need around the world.

Here are some of the things we have been involved in.


foodbankIn 2013 North Lakes Foodbank opened a distribution centre at The Bridge Centre. Manned by members of Christ Central and other churches in the town, it is a Churches Together in Workington and District project which helps feed people in need.

It is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to 2pm.

You will need an orange voucher from a Foodbank voucher holder to receive food. Bring it to us during these times and exchange it. If you are in need of food and do not have an agency worker who holds our vouchers, contact us for signposting to one of our 90 voucher holders within Allerdale and Copeland.

Watch a video about the foodbank here.

For more details, from how to get a food voucher to what and how to donate, visit the foodbank website.


Christ Central couple John and Helen Watts visited Gambia in January as part of a missionary trip. Here, they share their story

Team Project Gambia, which included six people from West Cumbria, 12 from the North East and two from Belgium, departed from Manchester Airport to travel to Gambia as volunteers for two weeks to help with local community projects.

What we found was shocking, unbelievable, humbling and heartbreaking – just six hours away by plane, people are living in such poverty and hunger.

They still live in mud-built huts, cook on an open fire, have no electricity or water and have to use a hole in the ground for a toilet.

Most children have very little clothing and no shoes on their feet.

The women toil in the barren, sun-baked land in an attempt to grow some food to feed their family or sell at the local market.

At the local school and health centre, the conditions were similar.

The teachers struggle to educate the children with very little or no basic resources such as paper, pens and books, so everything has to be painstakingly written on the blackboard, if indeed they have one.

Furniture consists mainly of damaged or broken wooden tables and chairs or benches and the buildings are rapidly infested with termites and the roofs are makeshift corrugated sheeting.

The health centre relies on donations for basic necessities such as first aid supplies, dressings, medications and gloves.

A single resident nurse struggles to provide a consultation and treatment service as there is no visiting doctor.

They have to pay for any consultation, medications or treatment.

The very small Christian community lives in harmony with their mainly Muslim neighbours.

They meet in a mud hut for worship regularly, participating in song, dance, teaching and prayer, even though they do not have any bibles or hymn books.

As part of the Project Gambia team we attempted to improve conditions for the local people and community, using the various skills and abilities within our team members.

At one school this included renovations, such as laying new floors, painting, roof repairs, building shelves and laying foundations.

A shelter was designed and built at another school using bamboo as there was no other timber available. A new library was created and organised using books which had been donated.

At the health centre, a sink and water supply was installed, plus a water filter.

Disposal of clinical waste was made safe and the centre organised to provide a separate consultation/treatment and clinic room.

Many of the existing supplies were discarded due to expiry dates and newly donated goods replaced them.

We also held some teaching, training and health education sessions.

In the village a water pump, donated by a Rotary club in the North East, was installed. This will make a huge difference and donations of clothes, shoes, sports equipment, tools and educational and health resources were overwhelmingly gratefully received.

Despite their living conditions, the local people are welcoming, happy, willing to share what little they have, yet so grateful fo

Many of our team returned home exhausted, but determined to continue to support the project, in whatever way we can.r our help, work and donations.

To find out more about Project Gambia visit